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Crystal Reports
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Posted by Paul Jager on 24 October, 2001 - 6:07 pm
We are looking for a reporting tool similar to Crystal Reports - for Linux.

Does anyone know of such a package?


Paul Jager

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Posted by Anand on 26 October, 2001 - 9:11 am
You may have to use C++, Glade and likes to make reports in Linux, I am not aware of any crystal Report type program. I believe Crystal Report basically works with MS Visual Studio products
(we generally used it with VB or VC++). Gtk+ seems to bethe best bet, followed by other programming languages.

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Posted by Jiri Baum on 26 October, 2001 - 9:13 am
> You may have to use C++, Glade and likes to make reports in Linux, I
> am not aware of any crystal Report type program.

Hang on, isn't Crystal Reports a web thing?

In which case the corresponding thing would most likely be zope, but I've never used either so I can't really say.

Or you might be able to put together some Perl scripts under Apache and Postgress.


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Posted by Peter Hopfgartner on 26 October, 2001 - 9:24 am
If I'm right, Crystal reports allows should be a fine tool to read data from a database. Reading and writing should be simplified, but you can't
change the definition of the tables.

Depending on the database you are using (MySQL, PostgreSQL, MSSQL, Oracle) and the desktop environment (KDE, Gnome), there are quite some
tools that you can rely on. If some more information is given, I can try to provide some direction.

Mainly, if a web-based solution is wanted, then I strongly encourage PHP (had excellent results with it and I'm curently involved in a project,
where as much production information as possible is provided to the people on the plant floor through a web interface). And it's truly

If you want to access to data from a Gnome environment, try out gnome-db and gASQL. I compiled it, but have not started to use it, yet.

For KDE I don't know, but they have had a lot of support for DB access. Anyway you will find enough information on

For MySQL there are a lot of specific graphical interfaces. Go to freshmeat and search for MySQL. Or try from the main MySQL site,

If you want to script, then try out Python. I use it usually to implement interfaces between different Systems. And it's truly multiplatform, too. For a good Windows implementation go to On Linux, your distribution should have the right packages.

I hope this helps,


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Posted by Curt Wuollet on 29 October, 2001 - 5:08 pm
Like these?

CR is QBE is it not?



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Posted by Koby Peleg Hen on 14 October, 2006 - 8:52 pm
Hello all
We at Mksoft are at the same stage about having reporting tools under linux.
After makeing a lot of searching we made a decision to write a new reporting tools using python.

Posted by Anand on 29 October, 2001 - 5:18 pm
A long time ago I worked with SQL reportwriter on HP-UX. This software is similar to crystal report (not an exact one). The present Crystal report that i worked with (almost 8 months ago) had better formatting, but SQL reportwriter in case it exists till date should have a similar interface.

I believe Crystal report has to do more with formatting the data from a database for good presentation on print and on screen.


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Posted by Jiri Baum on 29 October, 2001 - 5:20 pm
> I believe Crystal report has to do more with formatting the data from a
> database for good presentation on print and on screen.

BTW, if you're after nice print and you're writing your own script because it's beyond the quick-report things (or easier), I recommend making the output LaTeX.

It's a bit of a pain to learn, but once you know it it's no more difficult to use than any other formatted output, and because it's a DTP package, the output is a class above what people expect from quick'n'dirty Perl scripts.

Neat kerning, digraphs, hyphenation, full justification, 1- or 2-column, proper en and em dashes, the works.

Obviously, if a reporting package can do the job, you should use that because it'll be quicker; but if you need to write your own stuff, you might as well have something nice to show for it :-)

Jiri Baum <>
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Posted by Anonymous on 1 June, 2002 - 7:33 pm
Look for this program by Internet: clxcore, look for inside "" this program works under Kylix for linux.

Posted by Anonymous on 13 October, 2003 - 9:22 am
they have a program call i-net crystal clear teh server version to view the reports via http and the designer just like crystal clear but runs in every os that supports java

Posted by Allan on 1 October, 2004 - 10:31 pm
Men, i heard that linux developer are currently developing a package similar to crystal report in windows based... right now, most of the java developers like me who creates a report in linux... are being created manually, i would recommend to write reports written in java, that way, you can customized any type of layout you want. In our case, we do touchscreen POS systems written in java. All of our reporting tools are being done manually, third parties usually has some disadvantages.

Best of Luck,

Posted by Mihaly Bak on 29 May, 2007 - 6:26 pm
We switched to JasperReports...

Mihaly Bak
System Developer

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