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BOSCH CL200 Communications interface software
Communications systems and equipment. topic
Posted by Paul Clyne on 26 October, 2001 - 12:42 pm
I have an application I am writing that needs to communicate to a Bosch CL200 PLC in order to exchange a handful of data words.

The application is win9x based and the connection is point to point and can be low speed (so I'm thinking serial).

I need a driver that I can call from within my program to pass/fetch the data (OPC, DDE)

Ideally I can download a trial of this driver for
testing/development/debugging purposes before I commit to purchase same.

I have done a search on google and spoken to my local Advantec agent, but they weren't real interested in selling me anything. So I'm at a bit of a loss

Does anyone know of such a beast ?

Posted by ogjoko on 27 October, 2001 - 3:18 pm
Hey listen, what the hell is a bosch cl200!!!!
Anyway, If your trying to make a connection to this thing dont you need some type of protocol?
I suggest using cat5 for communications to any device.(Thats if this device supports network card.)And if so, What program is running this thing? I dont know maybe, i'm loosing my mind here
but I just dont know what this thing is. you also have to consider what type of language does it use. and that the language you use is compatible with it. me out here..

Posted by jerryB on 29 October, 2001 - 11:53 am
Have you tried contacting Bosch directly? There might be an OPC or DDE server app for that PLC.

You could start with BoschRexroth in Hoffman Estates, IL 847-645-3600

> I have an application I am writing that needs to communicate to a Bosch CL200 PLC in order to exchange a handful of data words....<

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