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MODBUS address
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Posted by SRP on 7 January, 2006 - 2:27 pm
How to create new MODBUS address for the new pointnames generated in Mark V control system? Is the MODBUS list automatically created?

Posted by markvguy on 9 January, 2006 - 1:05 pm
Refer to the Mk V Application Manual, GEH-6195, Section 10-5.3, 10-5.4, and 10-5.5, for information about the configuration of the MODBUS definition, or mapping, file.

The operator interface (<I> or GE Mk V HMI) uses MODBUS.DAT as the MODBUS "mapping file" for configuring which Mk V signals are assigned to what MODBUS coils/registers. NOTE that MODBUS.LST is 'provided' for the DCS programmer for "mapping" and scaling information; it is NOT necessary for proper operation of the MODBUS link and MUST be manually created/re-created EVERY time MODBUS.DAT is edited. Again, refer to the information in the App. Manual for "details."

The basic steps for non-command signals are as follows:

-Use an ASCII text editor to search for similar logic points already defined in MODBUS.DAT, and then use @spare unused coils/registers in the same area to assign the new logic signals to.

-Use an ASCII text editor to search for similar analog points already defined in MODBUS.DAT, and then use @spare unused registers in the same area to assign the new logic signals to.

-Exit the ASCII text editor, saving the changes to MODBUS.DAT.

-Generate a new MODBUS.LST file by running MODBUS_L at the command prompt of the unit-specific directory.

-Re-start the operator interface (<I> or GE Mk V HMI) to load the new MODBUS.DAT into RAM and have the new signals available for the MODBUS requestor (the DCS).

-Program the DCS to request/use the new signal values provided by the operator interface at the coils/registers assigned in MODBUS.DAT (using the mapping and scaling information from the new MODBUS.LST).

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