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Posted by Anonymous on 22 April, 2007 - 8:45 pm
Hello List Members;
Somebody knows if it is possible to reissue a program carried out formerly in DOX5 and to edit it again, to make program's modifications and to download it again into a CPU SattCon 35 but this time using the software DOX10. What about Advant software to program this CPU?

Thanks in advance for any help

Posted by Anonymous on 29 April, 2007 - 4:28 pm
As I recall the SC35 was newer programmed in dox5?
Is it another program (for the SC15, SC05 or SlimLine) that You want to convert to Dox10 and SC35? Maybe the CPU is a 05-35?

If the program was done in Dox5(only statement list) and You have the source code You can easily take it up in Dox10(statment list) and edit it. No loss of comments and symbolics.

If the program was done in Dox5(only statement list) and You don't have the source code You can upload the program from the plc and edit it in Dox5 or Dox10. Symbols and comments gone. If you edit it in Dox10 it will be in statment list.

If the program was done in Dox10 and You dont have the source code, You can still upload the program from the CPU (statement list) and edit it. All symbolics and comments are lost.
Then there is 3 different ways this will work depending on how the program was originally done.

1. The original program was written in statement list, You will, with help from circuit diagrams, be able to modify the program.

2. The original program was written in ladder. Still possible to modify the code. A little harder than 1.

3. The original program was written in Function Block. Hard to modify the code. Every single AND/OR/ADD/... has generated intermediat bits (system memory bits) and the timers and counters has been replaced by system function calls.

4. The original program was written in SFC. Very hard to modify the code. Automatic generated system sequence registers and code for transition makes it a challenge to make modifications.

Hope This has helped some.

Posted by Anonymous on 11 May, 2007 - 12:24 am

I thank you, for a second time I am doing the same, the first thanks was not published. I never saw the first one. Is very extensive your help. Your comment about the CPU type and the year when was developed DOX5 or if the original program was developed used DOX10 is correct for me too. This was a conversation with the customer in the first steps, I think that the CPU is a 05-35 CPU too. Thanks again.

Posted by Robby Pang on 25 May, 2007 - 11:29 pm
I worked with sattcon system more than ten years. I can support you by this control system. If you have questions about sattcon dox 5 and dox 10 pls send me a e_mail.

Best Regards

Robby Pang

Posted by Vullnet on 18 July, 2007 - 10:56 pm
Hello Robby.

I have a problem with Sattcon, and I would need your help. The problem is that I lost the program in my Sattcon OP45, and I have a back-up unit for reloading a program, but when I do the Load procedure the program is not loaded. So I don't know if the problem is at backup unit or Sattcon Op45. If you have some documentation about Dox5, can you send me because maybe I could connect my computer to teh Sattcon, but I don't know how to operate with Dox5. My email is vullnetgjikolli @ hotmail. com

Posted by Marc W on 9 August, 2010 - 5:15 am
Hey Robby,

I was wondering of you can help me whit my SattCon problem. I have the plc source code of the program that i want to edit. My question now is "can i print or read the program code without having to make connection to the SattCon ?"
I have the program "DOC 5-2" from SattConn.

Thanks for any reply,

Posted by Maurice PARISSE on 28 February, 2012 - 8:14 am
I've read you have experiences with SATT PLC's.
We have an SattCon OP45, and we want to modify the software (add a timer) but our old computer with DOX5 is out of order. Do you know if it's possible to find DOX Software, and if it's possible to re-instal it on a new computer?

Thanks in advance for your help

Best regards,

Reliability Engineer

Posted by anconsult on 17 March, 2012 - 12:44 pm
Hi Maurice PARISSE,

you can buy a Dox5 program from ABB and install it on a pc with XP and run. But you have to do some changes before you can run dox5/dox10 on XP. You can contact us for further details. We convert dox5/dox10 to ControlBuilder (ABB) or S7 (Siemens)


Posted by PMCG on 10 April, 2013 - 12:20 pm
> you can buy a Dox5 program from ABB and install it on a pc with XP and run. But you have to do some changes before you
> can run dox5/dox10 on XP. You can contact us for further details. We convert dox5/dox10 to ControlBuilder
> (ABB) or S7 (Siemens)

> Regards
> info(at)anconsult(dot)no

Do you convert to AB controllogix?

Posted by Tom on 3 September, 2013 - 11:25 am
>Do you convert to AB controllogix?

Yes we can convert Dox5/Dox10 program to Controllogix, If you need Dox5/10 program contact me

Posted by dean higgins on 30 August, 2010 - 12:02 am
You don't have to be connected. Simply type DUMP when you have the program open and a new file will appear in your Dox5 folder. The file will called "your project name.PT". This can then be opened in wordpad. Its often faster to look through online code using hyperterminal and this .PT file.

Cheers Dean

Posted by yog on 22 May, 2012 - 5:23 pm

Thanks we are still using knowledge share by you.

Posted by wayne on 28 July, 2014 - 8:44 pm
was wondering if someone can help me regarding an issue with a SATTCON 05 slimlime PLC that was powered done and when it powered back up the RUN/STOP red LED came on and the PWR/BATTLOW started flickering. I have replaced the battery and now have a solid light for the PWR/BATTLOW indicator but the RED led is still on and from what i can gather the program execution has stopped nad needs to be restared but i have no software, no program and no capability to get online to it, does anyone know a way to get it back to run mode?


Posted by Luis on 11 August, 2014 - 8:07 pm
I have a OP45 SattCon to put it on just press the RUN key then SHIF C key, not simultaneously.

But now I wonder, I have the same situation but I put yours in the PLC RUN but my program runs only on screen I have DISPLAY_RAM_OK

someone can help me

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