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what is floating earth system?
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Posted by Mehul on 5 May, 2007 - 8:29 pm
What is floating earth system? Why it is being used for the MarkIV and MarkV system? If we use normal earth and voltage system what can occure.

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Posted by markvguy on 6 May, 2007 - 5:36 pm
Mk IV-, Mk V-, and Mk VI Speedtronic turbine control systems DO NOT use a "floating earth" system--they use a floating nomimanl 125 VDC battery/power supply system.

They use this for two reasons: First, it's possible to detect a ground on either "leg" (positive or negative) of the power supply as it's used in the system. Second, if one leg were grounded, such as is done on a car (where, typically the negative leg of the battery is grounded), if a ground develops on the positive leg it's like a dead short across the battery! And, grounds on the negative leg can't be detected.


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Posted by myself on 14 May, 2013 - 7:26 am
Yes I agree with the given fact above. but Floating Electrical earthing system is were there is 3 phase system. when there is one earth fault then you have to sort it out or then if second earth fault arise of another phase on same ground system will cause short circuit. but they should be direct short to ground and not via resistance. These system is not using body earth to the chassis but one type of proper ground. Now a days they use Earthing Transformer.

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