from the DCS department...
Power generation equipment control. topic
Posted by SHR on 22 March, 2009 - 8:14 am
I am new to the ALSTOM - ALSPA P320 DCS and i can't find any useful documentations !!

does anyone know/have documentation regarding the ALSPA P320???

Posted by JM on 23 March, 2009 - 6:36 am
What kind of plant you have? Before, I worked in Coal Fired Thermal Plant using ALSPA P320 DCS control and ALSTOM generator H2 cooled. Are you using MICROREC turbine control?

Posted by SHR on 24 March, 2009 - 12:49 am
First of all thnx of your reply.
actually the plant is still under construction
it is CCPP - Combined Cycle Power Plant, it has H2 cooling Generator and the steam turbine controller is called in the drawing (TGC)
there is no data for the turbine controller yet.
they call it in the drawing and manuals (STP - TGC.

any documentation or function block manuals, or sample of logic will be alot of help to me

thnx again for your reply

Posted by JM on 27 March, 2009 - 5:25 am
Please reply your email address here so that I can email to you the following documents:

1. CONTROCAD-C Numerical Function Blocks User's Manual

2. P320 Controller Logic Macro Description.


Btw, thanks to my DCS friend Joef who send to me the documents.

Posted by Sherif on 29 March, 2009 - 6:02 am
Thnx for your reply
it is like a beam of light in the darknesss

my E-mail is

i hope to find/share more and more documentations

Posted by JM on 29 March, 2009 - 4:35 pm
Email sent. Please check.

Hope the documents will help you. Good luck.

Posted by cvelarde on 3 June, 2009 - 2:31 pm
Sr. I read your documents too and if you send them to me too it would be so helpful to me, I apreciate it.

cvelardeecn [at]

Posted by leo on 15 October, 2009 - 2:04 am
Could you send me Alspa p320 manuals to my mail

vileo-kh [at]

Thank you for help.

Posted by Sds on 10 November, 2010 - 6:40 am
Hello JM,

Could you please send those manuals to me too. I am control engineer student and need convert logic created with controcad.

My email is saudar [at]


Posted by Pedro Rivera on 8 September, 2009 - 9:53 pm
Could you send the alspa p320 manuals. Thank you

susesnet [at]

Posted by moses on 28 July, 2011 - 5:26 am
i am also interested in and documents on the above . i am working at a new hydropower plant which uses the system for control
my E-mail is

Posted by mohamed on 30 May, 2009 - 10:37 am
Dear sir,

hi, I read your comment and I also need these documents. would you please send to me.


my email
mohamedrufai82 [at] gamil [dot] com

Posted by JM on 3 June, 2009 - 8:54 pm
Please check your mail, I already sent the file.


Posted by Huynh Van Luong on 25 August, 2009 - 8:04 pm
Hello JM,

Please send me about ALSPA P320.
Many thanks.

Posted by criz on 13 June, 2009 - 7:51 am
I would really appreciate the manuals and docs also, desperate for some source material: cmulcaster [at]

Thanks in advance...

Posted by JSm on 12 January, 2010 - 8:13 am
Would it be possible to also get a copy of the Alstom P320 controls manuals? Thank in advance. jmartin [at]

Posted by Jo on 17 January, 2010 - 1:01 pm
Hi J. Martin,
Get in contact with Alstom Power tech support.
Try -at-

Posted by naret on 27 October, 2010 - 11:42 am
Could you please send me the ALSPA P320 documentation?

my email is
naret [at]

Thanks in advance

Posted by thien on 7 November, 2010 - 8:16 pm
please send me some file ebook about ALSPA P320
thank you.
hoangvanthien11 [at]yahoo [dot] com

Posted by Peg Ferraro on 8 November, 2010 - 6:07 am
Hi everyone,

Your friendly local moderator here.

> please send me some file ebook about ALSPA P320 <

Just a reminder that the best place to get documentation is from the manufacturer or distributor of a product.


Posted by nachotronics on 3 January, 2011 - 5:37 pm
Hi, I would really appreciate any information you can provide on the p320.

Thanks a lot in advance!!

nachotronics at gmail dot com

Posted by Oliver on 22 February, 2011 - 5:44 pm
Hello can you mail me those DOC's.
oliverio.sua [at]

> Please reply your email address here so that I can email to you the following documents:
> 1. CONTROCAD-C Numerical Function Blocks User's Manual
> 2. P320 Controller Logic Macro Description.
> Goodluck.
> Btw, thanks to my DCS friend Joef who send to me the documents.

Posted by sardar9 on 23 February, 2011 - 11:49 pm
Hi JM can you please send me these documents. My e mail bainsmd1[at]
Thanks in advance

Posted by roopchandan on 29 May, 2011 - 7:45 am
hi sir,

i'm roopchandan working as commisioning engg (control systems). please help me with the documents which have

> 1. CONTROCAD-C Numerical Function Blocks User's Manual

> 2. P320 Controller Logic Macro Description.

my email address is

thank you

Posted by Jo on 26 June, 2009 - 6:20 pm
Hey guys !

What about this P320 TGC System? I was working on it as a comissioning engineer...

P320 TGC System
TGC Turbine Governor Controller
STP Steam Turbine Protection
STG Steam Turbine Governor


Posted by Chris Mulcaster on 27 July, 2009 - 4:04 am
Any and all documentation/software on Alspa P320 would be much appreciated, starting on site soon and could really use the info,

many thanks,
Criz (cmulcaster [at]

Posted by Steve on 31 July, 2009 - 11:00 am
I am looking for P320 technical field support for a new steam turbine unit in Texas. Are any of you aware of any third party field support capable of working on Alstom P320 steam turbine controls in the Texas region?


Posted by Jo on 1 August, 2009 - 2:02 pm

Cottonwood power plant is a combined-cycle power facility. The Cottonwood plant is located approximately two hours due east of Houston, in Deweyville, Texas.

Maybe you can ask them?

There are 4 Steam turbines with P320 Control system. As I remember, there is another one in Jasper also. Or, try to contact Alstom Power.

Posted by Mario on 5 August, 2009 - 7:38 pm
hi Jo,

I would like to get in contact with you about that ALSPA P320. it is concerning a up coming project.


Posted by Rich Wargo, P.E. on 6 August, 2009 - 10:49 am
What ever happened to calling the vendor and requesting literature?

Posted by Jo on 6 August, 2009 - 4:48 pm
Hi MadMax (Mario),

Get in contact ? Why not. I was working with Alspa P320 (step 4 & 5) from 2001 to 2007 DCS and TGC. I think they have changed to Step 6, I mean changed some technologies.

Can you tell me more about this up coming project? Country, DCS or TGC, both...


Posted by Dainius on 20 August, 2009 - 7:50 am
someone, plese send me manuals of ALSPA P320 system

Posted by Huynh Van Luong on 25 August, 2009 - 8:57 pm
Please send me too about ALSPA P320 system

my email: huynh [at] bnftech [dot] com

Posted by vileo on 22 October, 2009 - 2:21 am
Please send me documentation for ALSPA P320 system

my email: vileo-kh[at] yandex [dot] ru


Posted by Alstom Customer Support - Helpdesk on 20 January, 2010 - 6:07 am

Let me introduce myself : I am in charge of the Helpdesk department of Alstom Customer Support in Massy, France. If you need some documentation about the ALSPA P320, we may provide you support for your search.

You can contact me directly to the following e-mail address :

helpdesk.control-systems [at]

Best Regards,

Alstom Power System
Energy Management Business
Customer Support
9 rue Ampère
91345 Massy Cedex - France

Posted by Mik on 21 January, 2010 - 3:56 am

and what about presentations of the system itself. I'm very interested to learn about the system and its possibilities. I'm familiar with Siemens, ABB and Emerson DCS but know nothing about Alstom.
Is it possible to get some system overview or something similar?


Posted by Jo on 21 January, 2010 - 3:46 pm
Information on this page (and others): management_solutions/47008.EN.php?languageId=EN

Posted by mac on 16 May, 2011 - 9:18 am
Hello, my friend in Holland was asked to work on a Alstom DCS with ASLPA P320. Is it possible for you to send those documents to my mail address so i can give those to him? Mail address is

Thank you in advance

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