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Connecting Yaskawa with Galil
Motion control, servos, steppers, etc. topic
Posted by CNC4ME on 18 July, 2009 - 10:10 pm

I'm retro-fitting my milling machine with CNC controls. I purchased a Galil Motion Control Inc. DSP controller along with all of the servo drive components and the time has come to begin the integration of the components. After hours of reading I'm still lacking the confidence to connect them.

I'm looking for someone that has experience with connecting Yaskawa SGDA series servo drives (JUSP-TA36P interconnect module) with Galil Motion Control Inc. DMC1800 series motion controller (ICM-1900 interconnect module)

Posted by William Sturm on 19 July, 2009 - 12:44 am
Connecting the wires is just the start. Then you need to configure the Galil card properly, tune the motors, and setup some software. Do you have a CNC software package for the Galil, such as Camsoft? If so, I'm sure they could help. If not, you might want to find someone who can provide a drawing or sketch of the connections. As you can see, it is not so simple if you have never done it.

Whatever you do, don't connect the motor to the leadscrew until it is wired correctly and running under proper control. If you enable the motor and it runs full speed, try switching the cmd+ and cmd- at one end. Also, don't connect the leadscrew until you have fwd and rev limit switches mounted and tested for the proper direction.

Hope this gets you started...

Bill Sturm
Abbeytronics LLC

Posted by CNC4ME on 19 July, 2009 - 1:47 pm

Thanks for your input. I wrote my own CNC front-end for the Galil controller. I purchased Camsoft and it was the inspiration for writing my own interface for the DMC1840. In other words; Camsoft is a total piece of (pick a word from memory).

Configuring the Galil controller is a low risk task but connecting it with hardware can result in damage and my budget does not include damage so I'm seeking experienced advice on how to connect the Yaskawa drive to the Galil controller.

I have read enough to know that you don't rely on the controller for protection against run away motors. The Yaskawa drive can receive and act on limit switch input (P-OT & N-OT) and that is the way that I will wire the safety switch circuit. I have a couple of options for how I will alarm the controller; 1: pass the signal to the controller or 2: pass the signal to the PC parallel port so the CNC control program cancels code delivery and issues a 'AB' command to the Galil controller. The abort command can be used because the drives will ramp the motors down once the P-OT or N-OT switch is made.

What I'm looking for is someone that has actual experience with integrating the afore mentioned components.


Posted by William Sturm on 19 July, 2009 - 11:03 pm
I could probably help with the wiring diagrams, but it is more than I can easily do on this forum. I have used both Galil and Yaskawa many times, especially Galil. It might take a couple of hours to review the details and generate a drawing. Contact me through my web page if you want me to provide more detailed info.

You could hook the limit switches to the amp, this would be safe. You may also connect them to the DMC for ease of diagnostics. The DMC will kill its analog output in the direction of the limit switch only, you will be able to move in the opposite direction. The amp will do the same. If the DMC is not notified promptly, it may respond with a following error. It might be simpler to just connect the limits to the DMC. Whichever one does not have limits connected may need jumpers to enable motion.

Bill Sturm
Abbeytronics LLC

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