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What is difference in 2 way manifold valve & gauge valve?
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Posted by Aslena on 22 November, 2010 - 5:50 am
What is difference in 2 way manifold valve & gauge valve? I dunno why my general manager said that use gauge valve instead of 2 way manifold valve in pressure gauge. plz explain why..

Posted by David on 22 November, 2010 - 9:38 pm
A gauge valve valve is typically a single shutoff needle valve, that isolates the gauge from the process.

A "2 valve manifold" has 3 ports and 2 valves. One valve is a blocking valve, one is a bleed valve. The gauge attaches to one port, the block valve isolates (shuts off) the entire 'block' from the process and the bleed valve vents the gauge to the vent port, for testing or calibration. It is a typical process instrument piece of hardware.

A "2 way manifold valve" can be a solenoid operated 2 way valve mounted on a manifold. This style is typical in the fluid power industry.

There are numerous web documents that claim to be "2 way manifold valves" which show "2 valve manifolds" (typically from far east manufacturers). So, one might make a case that a "2 way manifold valve" might be the same as a '2 valve manifold", if we succumb to newspeak.

Your general manager doesn't want to pay for the more expensive 2 valve manifold when a simple gauge valve will do.

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