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sliding pressure operation
difference between constant pressure operation and sliding pressure operation of boilers

can anyone tell me about sliding pressure operation of boilers....?

and also is it useful for countries like india where power demand is greater than supply and so mostly every plant runs at mcr condition....?

if anyone can explain this please send some relevant information.....
my email id is


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Constant pressure keeps the same working pressure in the boiler and controls power output by using control valves on the turbine and adjusting firing rate.

Sliding pressure essentially keeps the control valves on the steam turbine wide open and adjusts output with pressure/firing rate.

I kept it very simple and there are more details and constraints, but that's the idea.

Here's an article for super critical boilers, even though I bet you are asking about combined cycle:

Here's a topic:

and here:

thanks for your reply sir...

but my question is that is there any possibility for plants in countries where there is no plants are forced to run in part load conditions because of greater demand always.....

and also how it differs from turbine follow mode...