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Protocol IEC 61107 for metering
Communications systems and equipment. topic
Posted by ivan.lorencin on 5 December, 2000 - 9:56 am
Hi list!

Does anyone have information about the protocol IEC 61107?

Why do some vendors talk about protocol IEC 61107 and some about IEC 1107?

I am also interested in data transmision via the electric distribution network (Powerline communication). Does anyone know some vendors which have systems in Europe.



Posted by Carlos Araya Mackenney on 5 December, 2000 - 5:10 pm
This is an old serial protocol (IEC 1107) for meters. It is easy to develop we have same drivers. If you want more info please call me.

Carlos Araya Mackenney []
Automation Manager - PLC International S.A.
Phone (562) 269.8727 - Fax (562) 269.8728
Santigo, Chile

Posted by Darshan Shah on 25 May, 2004 - 11:59 am
Hi Ivan (from Chile!),

I am struggling to get complete IEC 61107 protocol document. Can someone please advise me where/how I can download the same?

Many Thanks.
Darshan Shah

Posted by Abd Al Hakam Zarzora on 6 December, 2000 - 1:14 am
Asslam Alicom Ivan
for information about 61107 go to
and then search IEC databases for it .
for your needs of information for power line carreier communication for metering visit these sites and
there is also a company by name POWERNET DEVELOPMENT (UK) LTD, but unfortunately i do not have its web site, has system of your needs
i hope this is helping.

Posted by Gilles Allard on 6 December, 2000 - 9:56 am
Many years ago, IEC implemented a renumbering scheme where all IEC standard numbers were added to 60000. Thus the standard created as 1107 is now 61107. In the same way, stand 1131 (PLC standard) is now called 61131. Even if the renumbering is many years old, most users do not know about it. Even manufacturers continue to claim to be IEC1131 compliant. I think it is a shame; they do not bother to educate their customers.


Posted by Ralph Mackiewicz on 6 December, 2000 - 3:00 pm
> Why do some vendors talk about protocol IEC 61107 and some about IEC
> 1107?

IEC changed their numbering scheme recently. They are likely the exact same standard.

Ralph Mackiewicz

Posted by Kerem Ozdemir on 7 May, 2001 - 3:49 pm
Hi, Dear Ivan, I read your memo on regarding iec 1107 metering protocol. Have you been able to find something useful. For example an OPC server software or something with DDE? Regards, Kerem

Posted by Ivan on 14 February, 2003 - 2:43 pm
Sorry, Ivan, I am Ivan as well.
Your question is easily answered: either IEC 61107 or IEC 1107 is the same: "61107 is "new" marking - formal only - of older 1107. There are plenti of systems for DLC - e.g. see "euron" circuits. Ivan

Posted by Meir Saggie on 18 February, 2003 - 4:14 pm
I know that ISKRAEMECO from Slovenia supports 1107 and Powerline Communications. I suggest you try them. I guess any European meter manufacturer does the same, like Siemens (now Landis & Gyr - again), Schlumberger, etc.

Meir Saggie

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