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I want to use Real Time Clock for Omron PLC
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Posted by ferhat karabiyik on 18 January, 2001 - 2:17 pm
Hi all, I use Omron PLC. I don't know the Real Time Clock. Where I can find this information.

Posted by CK on 18 January, 2001 - 4:43 pm
It would really help if you said which Omron PLC. Not all of the PLCs have support for a real time clock. Check with Omron's website at and you should be able to download manuals for the family of PLC you're using.


Posted by David Wooden on 19 January, 2001 - 11:59 am
For C200H series PLCs, look at words AR18 through 21. To set the clock on the C200HX PLCs: 1. Set PLC in Program mode. 2. Set bit AR21.14. This stops the clock and allows you to write to it. 3. Enter the desired values: AR18 (Seconds in low byte, minutes in high byte), AR19 (Hours in low byte, day of month in high byte), AR20 (Month in low byte, 2 digit year in high byte), AR21 (Day of week in low byte) 4. Set AR21.15. This sets the new values in the internal clock and resumes the clock operation. >Where I can find this information. Omron PLC manuals can be viewed online at . Select Support, then Technical Manuals, then Programmable Controllers.

Posted by Eric Nagy on 20 January, 2001 - 3:18 pm
Some of the Omron PLC's like the CQM1 and CQM1-A require a seperate clock module card to be installed before access the clock funtcion as described above.

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